I’ve long suspected Myron Pitts of being a tried and true liberal, but his Oct. 27 column proves his inability to report unbiased truth.

Pitts proclaims his outrage at Trump inflating the number of attendees at his inauguration. Wow. Let’s look at Democrat lies, such as “if you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare,” or “those men in Benghazi died because of a movie.” Trump's exaggerations seem rather slight, now.

The invading army on our southern border is another cause for concern. Libs like Pitts are eager to embrace these potential new voters, giving little regard to the chaos these illegals bring. Is it racist to point out the fact that they do, indeed, come from "s***hole" countries? I think not. Obviously they are fleeing for a reason. If their countries were great, they wouldn’t be leaving.

Trump is proud of America, and has every right to proclaim his nationalism. Our nation embraces people of every color, creed, and gender, unlike African and Middle Eastern countries that still promote slavery. I think we are still on the right track as well.

Jason Martin, Raeford