While the left prefers casting any NoKo deal in skepticism, a peaceful denuclearization solution starts with patching of SoKo relations and appealing to China's defense, which Kim has recently done.

Have you seen My Pillow Topper? He is laughing all the way to the bank like we all wish we could. Don't pick on Mr. Pillow Man.

Kelly not quite right about immigration. We also need immigrants willing to work in the fields. No higher education needed there.

N.C. doctor who "traded pills for sex" should be treated like the former USA Gymnastics sexual abusing team doctor who was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison. Scumbag!

Why does the StarNews glorify young men who (are charged with) killing others or selling drugs by printing their pictures on front page?

Do you suppose the state DEQ and U.S. EPA are confusing the Cape Fear River with the nation's capital? You know, as in "drain the swamp."

In the spirit of having a hiatus from all Trump related Buzzes, will the anti-Trump cartoons and anti-Trump opinion pieces be suspended (please)?

John McCain may be the last patriot and statesman this country will ever see. Certainly the only Republican this liberal ever considered voting for.

I like the motto “in Marx we trust.” I assume we are referring to Groucho.

May 12 Buzzard on food stamps, etc. Are you ok with HUD chief $$$ table and EPA chief $$$ phone booth?

Republicans who tolerate the rise of neo-Nazis in their party while refusing to find common ground with moderate to liberal Democrats is how democracies die.

Saw pictures in May 10 paper of Vintage and Makers Market on May 9 but didn’t see it advertised. Would love to have gone.

Do the planning board nor the commissioners have any common sense? Roads are full, stoplights two to three cycles to clear. When will we stop new projects and upgrade our infrastructure?

Bravo to the letter writer suggesting grocery chains flocking to our area band together to help replace recently burned-out market. Great idea!

Remember when tattoos were earned as a badge of honor for being in the military? Now everyone just seems to have a need for a badge of honor.

Our country celebrated Mothers Day and all that mothering means while our DOJ proposes separating children from mothers if they try to cross border. Why?

To the May 12 Buzzard who believes the “Earth is naturally warming up”: Don’t ignore the consensus among climate scientists that climate change is due to human activity.

Having dealt with the NCHSAA in the past, I am not surprised at what they did (with Topsail baseball). This was a poor, heartless, unethical, incorrect decision, with only negatives as a result!

With all that goes right and wrong in the world these days, does anyone actually care about the impending Royal Wedding? Do British royals actually do anything useful?

Sensational photo of winning run sliding home for Hoggard softball over Laney in Saturday's Sports. But teammates behind backstop show no thrill of victory. Hands on hip and lack excitement. Weird.