On Cal Thomas’s defense of Laura Ingraham’s right of free speech. Because you have a right to say something does not mean it is right to say it.

3 years probation for animal abuse, where is the justice in that? Where do these judges come from?

I empathize with the hard-working, dedicated and well-educated college administrator that should have been our new CFCC president. Morton’s friends hurt more than the taxpayers with this embarrassment.

I’m very confused about why Jim Morton isn’t the airport director rather than the CFCC President. Wasn’t he there 15 years? Maybe Ms. Wilsey is actually qualified for her position?

I've decided to open a turn signal repair business. I expect to be wealthy and retired by this time next year.

45 just met the biggest bully in the schoolyard; the Federal Government. He blames Democrats. The Cohen warrants were obtained by his own appointees.

Tear down the mall? Waste of money. We now shop in numerous stores in a controlled environment. Also plenty of parking. Compare to Mayfaire on a rainy day.

Amazing to see how progressive my parents were. They practiced free-range parenting in the last millennium. It was called a normal childhood.

April 11 LTE writer is on point; “What extremists call principle is in actuality an arrogant refusal to consider any idea other than the one they have.”

Wave Transit buses to be 100% natural gas powered by 2020 is great news! Much cleaner than diesel fuel; wish my car ran on natural gas instead of lousy mandated ethanol gasoline.

I don’t do face book, face time, or face plant, IRC, chat room, chat box, or cat box, instant messaging, or instant coffee, Twitter, tweeter or twerking. I use my cell phone to talk.

Jim Morton's salary was increased from $176,000 as executive vice president to $210,000 as interim president of CFCC. I wonder what he'll make with a bachelor's degree as president?

Research on gun violence? Countries with low gun violence have long figured out how to stop gun violence.

I would love to hear an expanded story about the two women who selflessly cared for the badly beaten toddler for 21 years. They deserve great gratitude from all of us, it seems.

AP articles neglect right-leaning content. China trade: little mention of Trump's role. Zuckerberg: no mention of questions re. their liberal bias.

Today's Headline = "Engineer’s report: Traffic delays could increase 186 percent; no major changes to plans needed." If we continue to allow high-density development, we will suffer grid-lock.

No, I am not expecting anyone to invade my home nor do I expect it to be burned or blown down. But I have insurance against all possibilities.

Perhaps Donald Trump will take a cue from Paul Ryan and announce he is stepping down to 'spend more time with the family'.

Old politicians merely grandstanding and stumbling while asking Mr. Zuckerberg stupid questions underscores the need for congressional term limits.

Cambridge Analytica is the information thief. Those robbers should be arrested. POTUS should have done something besides denying Russian election theft. Thank you Mueller for taking care of USA business.

Chinese leader Xi's vows to cut tariffs for benefit of US. Our benefits? Be forewarned. Remember Troy's Trojan horse? "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”

The CFCC Board Chair and his minions are reaping what they sowed and a good man is having his reputation tarnished. Time for the Chair to step down.

Appoint a worthwhile caring person to the Board of Trustees. Don’t continue previous uncaring, unprepared appointments of the past. All political! Stop!

Shortsighted pro R-O groups in Brunswick County -- get smart!! Join with Pender and New Hanover Counties to find an upstream solution that protects the entire region and shares the cost.