It has become overwhelmingly obvious that there are some people in our country that have lost their minds, have no moral compass and find a need to disrupt, destroy, hurt and murder in the name of what?

We now have people in this country that are now luring law enforcement members into traps and they have started to shoot these officers like fish in a barrel. These are cowards that need to be found and put away before any more useless deaths take place.

It is a time when we all need to take extra steps in being vigilant and more observant in order to help protect not only ourselves, but to protect those who risk their lives every day to serve and protect us — our law enforcement members and all first-responders.

Far too many want to bring harm to these brave men and women and we need to try to help end these stupid and senseless shootings and murders, not just to law enforcers, but to all citizens.

I would ask everyone to call 911 if you ever hear of anyone talking about or joking about harming, shooting or killing another person.

This is one small way that we the can assist in maybe stopping a crime, even a potential murder. 

It's gone far too far, and those who protect us need us to step up and help by reporting anything suspicious. These men and women are being hunted today and anything we can do to help is needed now.

Law enforcement officers are leaving, recruiting has dropped and many, I'm told, are considering leaving. 

If you get the chance, let officers know that you care and are supportive of their efforts. I'm told it means a lot.

Tom Keigher


Tom Keigher is chairman of Gaston County Board of Commissioners.