The Swansboro Board of Commissioners meeting this week will start off with a discussion about a board member’s recent resignation.

Angela Clinton, who was elected in November, resigned from the board citing a family health situation. She told board members of her decision following their last regular meeting.

Mayor John Davis said the agenda for this Tuesday’s meeting has been revised to include a discussion on what to do with her open seat. He’s been working with legal counsel to determine what rules need to be followed in this situation, which he will present to the commissioners on Tuesday.

“A couple of people have stepped up and asked to be considered,” Davis said.

However, the official nominations will come from the commissioners at the meeting, Davis said, adding that effectively he doesn’t know who will be nominated at this point.

After the nominations are made, the commissioners will decide whether to vote on a new candidate immediately or postpone the decision until their Aug. 28 meeting. Davis said if someone is appointed Tuesday, they’d likely take the seat and be included in the rest of the meeting decisions.

Following this discussion, the board will look at several additional agenda items, including:

• Balloon release: The Swansboro Public Works Department is asking the board to amend the town ordinance and prevent balloons being release within town limits. Davis said it’s an environmental concern due to the town’s proximity to the water. The concern is the balloons are ending up in the water where it could affect wildlife.

• Curbside pickup: The Swansboro Public Works Department is asking the board to amend the town ordinance regarding the type of bag used for loose trash in curbside pickup.

• Privilege license tax: An amendment to the town ordinance regarding the 2015 legislative repeal on the levy of privilege license taxes for businesses within the city will go before the board. Licenses for beer and wine are still permitted.

• Alcohol at the rec center: The requested ordinance amendment in regards to allowing alcohol during events at the town’s recreation center will be brought before the board again. This is scheduled to be a working session, Davis said, to have the department potentially rewrite the ordinance. Concerns have included alcohol being around kids and families as well as the town being responsible for someone’s delinquency should they choose to drink and drive following a parks event.

• Legal services: Town officials have reviewed three firms and believe the town should continue using the legal services of Ward and Smith for a flat retainer of $2,250 per month, which the board is being asked to approve.

• Planning board: The board is being asked to schedule a date for a joint meeting with the town’s planning board.

The board is scheduled to meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Swansboro Town Hall, located at 601 W. Corbett Ave.


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