The food truck opened last month at 6490 Yadkin Road, in Airborne One Plaza, near Fort Bragg.

• Tell us about your place: It is easy to spot the bright orange food truck known as Taco Loco, which opened last month on Yadkin Road. It’s their signature color. Owners Vanesa Aguilera and Ernesto Rojo, who run the truck and do all of the cooking, also wear matching orange T-shirts while they work. “We have two different locations in Fayetteville now,” Aguilera said. Their other food truck, on Bragg Boulevard, has been in business for six years, she said. They also own a restaurant in Smithfield. The mobile restaurant specializes in homemade tacos, but they also make many other popular Hispanic dishes, she said. “Everything is fresh and made to order with authentic Hispanic recipes and ingredients.”

• Specialties: Authentic Mexican tacos is their specialty. There are more than 10 types of tacos on the menu. “Our best sellers are the grilled steak (asada tacos) and the marinated pork tacos (pastor),” she said. “We also make our own homemade spicy red and green salsas, and our own chicharron de harina (mexican snack).”

The steak taco is chopped, seasoned and served with cilantro, grilled onions, jalapeno, radish, hot sauce and lime.

”We use a secret family recipe for the marinated pork taco,” she said. “It is a special recipe that was given to me by my mother.”

There also are chicken, barbecue, Mexican sausage and fried pork skin tacos.

• Most popular dish: The tacos, tortas and burritos are the most popular dishes, Aguilera said. The menu features 14 types of tortas, 10 quesadillas and at least nine sopes, gorditas, huaraches, tostadas and burritos. “Some of our quesadilla flavors are unique,” she said, including squash blossom and huitlacoche, which is corn smut. Huitlacoche, also known as Mexican truffle, is a culinary delicacy in Mexico.

Reymond Sanchez, who recently got out of the military, said he stops by the food truck often to eat. “I am fifth-generation Mexican American, and I like to eat authentic Mexican food,” he said. “This is one of the most authentic places I’ve found.”

• Why should diners eat here? “We serve authentic Hispanic meals and beverages, as you would get in Mexico,’’ Aguilera said. “The food is made fresh daily, and the service is good.”

Alison Minard