Landrum's newly adopted budget for fiscal 2018-19 includes no tax increase, but does include some fee increases. The new spending plan goes into effect July 1.

Landrum City Council approved the proposed budget this week on second and final reading. City Administrator Rich Caplan said the budget includes rental fee increases at Brookwood Park and at the city's historic train depot.

City residents are able to use the amenities at the park for free. People living outside the city's limits were previously charged $15 for every two hours of park use for events and gatherings. Caplan said this fee was increased to $40 for every two hours.

The depot's rental fees were increased for residents from $60 to $65 for half-day and from $120 to $130 for a full day. Non-residents will have to pay $100 to rent the depot for a half-day, an increase of $15. It will cost non-residents $200 to rent the depot for a full day. Previously, it cost $170.

"The city has maintained the same rental rates at the two major city facilities, the depot and Brookwood Park, for several years," Caplan said in a statement. "However, the cost of energy, labor and routine maintenance and repair steadily increases for the city."

Caplan anticipates the fee increases will generate an additional $2,300 for the general fund in fiscal 2018-19.

The adopted budget projects a 3.2 percent increase in revenue or $1,640,850, as compared to the current fiscal year. Expenditures are projected at $1,606,035 for the period, a 2.5 percent increase.

The budget also sets aside funding to complete sidewalk repairs in the city, Caplan said.