Former Gastonia Mayor Jennie Stultz is still pursuing a seat in the North Carolina General Assembly, though she has shifted her focus to a different chamber.

Stultz announced in November she planned to run for the state Senate seat now held by Republican Kathy Harrington. She launched a campaign to get on the ballot as an independent candidate, which required her to get signatures of support from 4 percent of the registered voters in Senate District 43 across Gaston County. That equated to a minimum requirement of 5,400 signatures.

But this month, Stultz informed the Gaston County Board of Elections she will instead run as an unaffiliated candidate in the 109th House District — a seat now held by Republican Dana Bumgardner. She will need at least 2,172 signatures to succeed there, as the 109th House District covers only southern and southeastern Gaston County.

Stultz has to start over in collecting signatures for the new campaign.

Should she succeed in collecting the signatures, Stultz would be on the ballot along with Bumgardner, and Susan Maxon, who has filed for election as a Democrat. The filing period continues until Feb. 28.