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Q: Will Fayetteville State University ever get 91.9 Jazz back on the air? — J.L., Hope Mills

A: WFSS-91.9 FM, once operated by Fayetteville State University, is still on the air, J.L. But it's not the jazz radio station you enjoyed.

The public station struggled with limited funding for years. In 2015 the university said WFSS had a deficit of $60,000 to $100,000 per year.

In May 2015, Fayetteville State sold WFSS to Chapel Hill-based North Carolina Public Radio, also known as WUNC Public Radio LLC, for $1.75 million.

Now WFSS is one of five radio stations across North Carolina broadcasting WUNC’s signal.

To get your jazz fix on a traditional radio, J.L., you may be able to pick up Raleigh-based WSHA-88.9 FM.

If that doesn’t work, try streaming WSHA’s signal through a computer or on your cellphone with a radio streaming app. Online music services for computers and cellphones, such as Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music, offer jazz. They may require monthly subscription fees.

Subscription satellite radio services also offer a variety of jazz music channels.


Paul Woolverton


Q: Who is out there that can fix a roll top desk? It has come apart at the back, where it rolls back. — V.M., Autryville

A: The first place Live Wire thought of was Old Heritage Restorations on Williams Street downtown. We gave them a call.

"Oh, we've done a number of them," said company receptionist Sue Hubbard. She suggests giving them a call and they'll figure out how to fix it.

That number is 484-6767.


Chick Jacobs


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